Thursday, April 28, 2016

“Arrival” by Japanese Wallpaper – A Song Review

     Does a song that was released ten months ago qualify as a “Throwback Thursday” entry? Maybe in the Indie Universe, but probably not even there. Moreover, we only recently discovered “Arrival” by Japanese Wallpaper, so it would be misleading to assert that it characterizes a former time, at least for us.
     “Arrival” has a gentleness. Most songs that fit that description are appreciated when the listener is in a particular frame of mind. In comparison, “Arrival” lifts the listener and carries her/him to the appreciation. So, the name of the song is appropriate.
     Japanese Wallpaper is the performance name of Gab Strum. He is based in Melbourne, Australia. According to the Bandcamp streaming page of “Arrival,” the song was written by Japanese Wallpaper and Dustin Tebbutt, who provides the vocals. 

     “Arrival” by Japanese Wallpaper

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