Wednesday, April 20, 2016

“Far as Stars” by Future Myth – A Song Review

     It’s always encouraging to listen to an EP or LP and find yourself battling over which song is a favorite among the tracks. The most recent “battle” occurred while listening to “Flashbulb Memories” by Future Myth. Initially, the leaning was in the direction of the song “Solstice,” probably because it’s the track with the strongest lead vocals. But over time, the texturing and sophistication of “Far as Stars” prevailed.
      “Far as Stars” is a collaborative effort. Future Myth is based in San Jose. The members are Joseph Choe (guitar, vocals), Ben Truong (guitar), Nicholas Troughton (bass), Kevin Coleman (drums). In addition to the instruments of the four members, there were contributors from other parts of the Bay Area. Quoting the band:
  "For some of the vocals on 'Far as Stars,' we gathered a bunch of friends together into a room and had them learn and sing the parts on the spot. We also had San Francisco’s Magik*Magik Orchestra come in to help out on some of the string arrangements to give the song a big sound."

     As of now, the next scheduled opportunity to see Future Myth is July 14 at Hotel Utah in San Francisco. For tickets, CLICK HERE.

     “Far as Stars” by Future Myth


Lyrics of “Far as Stars” by Future Myth
We're lost in darkness we can't outrun,
Let's try to have some fun while we can.
And if I'm sick, convince me that I'm well,
Then we can try to laugh through empty smiles.

We've turned old, but don't tell me you've outgrown
The stories that we used to tell.
Don't be upset. No eloquence can save what's left,
But I'm still holding onto words.

And now, we're as far as stars in the sky.
So let us down, and we'll survive!

We hear these ghosts. They say our lives are sewn
Together, but now we'll rip these threads.
So we wait. There will be another day
When we celebrate old times.

And now,
We're falling stars in the sky.
So let us down,
And we'll collide!

Recorded at Octaedro Studio by Mateo Lewis
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Additional vocals by Alice Hsueh and Joanna Jiang
Strings by Magik*Magik Orchestra
Photography by James Thomas Davey
Album Artwork by Anthony Quiatchon

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