Tuesday, April 12, 2016

“Batteries” by Army of Bones – A Song Review

     Interestingly, “Batteries” begins in a noisy manner, as if not quite tuned to the correct frequency to properly receive the signal. Then, just short of thirty seconds into the song, “Batteries” finds the frequency and is precisely tuned to the Rock channel.
      Army of Bones makes references to energy in the lyrics of “Batteries.” At times, the references are defeatist, such as “Take my batteries out, and leave me here to die.” But there are reasons for hope, “Plug me in the wall, so I can live again.” While the demeanor may not be consistent and the energy level makes interesting shifts, the lure of “Batteries” stays the course.

       Army of Bones is fronted by Martin Smith (guitar, vocals). The other members are Reuben Harsant (drums), Henry Marsden (bass), Sarah Bird (keys) and her husband Jonny Bird (guitar). The band is based in Brighton, UK. They are working on a debut album for release later this year.
     “Batteries” by Army of Bones

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