Tuesday, April 19, 2016

“Young Blood” by Gymnast – A Song Review

     Production decisions are similar to coaching decisions in sports. It’s safe to take the conventional approach, since unconventionality opens the door to criticism. If results don’t meet expectations, the risk-taker is an easy target. Indie Obsessive supports risk-takers and enjoys differences.
     The song “Young Blood” by Gymnast doesn’t fit neatly into the box of predictability. That statement is best evidenced after the song hits its halfway point of 2:02. The power of the slow burn crescendo and the elegance of the instrument that sounds like string plucking are felt through an effect similar to listening to a radio station while at the border of its signal strength. Then, in the final 34 seconds, the signal is clean. Oh! It’s the synth that has the “weak signal.”

     Gymnast is the duo of Cathy Wilcock and Chris Lyon. They are based in Manchester, UK.  When asked (via Troy Keon of Color Station Music) what instrument was used to create the plucking-like sound in “Young Blood,” Chris Lyon responded, “It’s a synth violin that had distortion and other sound design bits added to it.”
      “Young Blood” will be a track on Gymnast’s forthcoming EP. Quoting the Soundcloud page of Gymnast, “The single uses its driving take on pop to explore the experience of coming of age, the other songs will explore others. 'Young Blood' is angular, expressive and not without a few surprises (wait for the bridge).”

     “Young Blood” by Gymnast

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