Sunday, April 24, 2016

James Bay at The Fox Theater – A Concert Review

     On a day between his two appearances at Coachella, James Bay visited The Fox Theater in Oakland. If there was any doubt regarding Bay’s ability to Rock or his ability to fully engage with an audience, the doubt was dispelled before the evening was finished.  
     While there were earlier examples, the best Rock song was “Best Fake Smile,” which was the eleven of fifteen songs in the night’s setlist (the full setlist is included at the bottom of this post). The studio version of “Best Fake Smile” has the Rock guitars rolling, but the live version gave them more traction.

Of the fifteen songs, one was dedicated to audience participation. After getting a firm grip on the crowd’s attention during “Let It Go,” James Bay launched into a song that vocally comprised two minutes of “woo”s and his urges to help “Sing it out!” The stage was awash with purple, since the song was in respect for Prince.
     And within the setlist, “Scars” exposed the sensitivity of James Bay.
We live through scars this time
But I've made up my mind
We can't leave us behind anymore
We'll have to hurt for now
But next time there's no doubt
'Cause I can't go without you anymore 

“Let It Go” by James Bay 

      Below is a splicing of occurrences from the April 22 evening. We deserve no credit. The work was done by another attendee – thank you Jacob Hamilton!

     Here is a video uploaded by yet another attendee – thank you Timothy O’Malley.

Setlist of James Bay at The Fox Theater in Oakland, California
1. “Collide”
2. “Craving”
3. “When We Were on Fire”
4. “If You Ever Want to Be in Love”
5. “Need the Sun to Break”
6. “Running”
7. “Let It Go”
8. Crowd participation in a series “Woo” (a tribute to Prince)
9. “Scars”
10. “Move Together”
11. “Best Fake Smile”
12. “Get Out While You Can”
13. “Incomplete” (we may be wrong)
14. “Look Out Cleveland”
15. “Hold Back the River”

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