Friday, April 22, 2016

Missed Opportunities - Close Talker and Sara Hartman

     In mid-March, the still-sparsely populated bandwagons of Close Talker and Sara Hartman were within reach, but we let them pass. Missed opportunities, right? Well, that doesn’t prevent us from hoping those artists receive the attention they deserve.
     It was difficult to select one song from the collection of releases by Close Talker. That was not a problem with Sara Hartman, since most of her songs have already been posted in Indie Obsessive.
     Close Talker is an Indie rock band from Saskatoon, Canada. The members are Will Quiring (vocals, guitar), Matthew Kopperud (vocals, gutar and Chris Morien (drums). “Heads” is perhaps the best evidence of the varied strengths of the band members. The collaborative vocals, the percussion and the guitars take turns in the spotlight.

     Hartman grew up in Sag Harbor, New York, but the 20 year old has moved to Berlin, Germany. Similar to earlier tracks from Hartman, the end of “Satellite” uses vocal layering in a manner that causes a listener to wish the song were longer.

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