Thursday, April 7, 2016

“Where Do the Children “Play” by Cat Stevens - Throw Back Thursday

     When you are awake at 2:00am, your television options are limited. Still, there are opportunities, such as the 1971 cult movie “Harold and Maude.” We hesitate to recommend the movie, since it’s very dark. It’s the story of a young man who is obsessed with death and an elderly woman in love with life and the insights her often difficult life developed.

     So what’s the tie to music? The movie's soundtrack is the work of Cat Stevens. Stevens has since changed his name to Yusuf Islam. The name change played a role in his difficulty to enter the United States in 2004 (technically, he did enter the country, but his plane was diverted so that he could be questioned. He was put on a return flight to the UK). Two years later, he was permitted into U.S.

     The bloggers of Indie Obsessive have a reason to favor the music of Yusuf. A few years ago, we produced a video intended to pay tribute to a local youth sports organization. The song “Where Do the Children Play” seemed perfect as the background music. The video was posted on Youtube. After a few months, we received a notice from Yusuf, explaining that he was notified of the video and of an impending “takedown” action to remove the sound from the video. Yusuf further explained that he supports youth sports programs and wished us well. He said he was honored to have one of his song play a role. Thank you!

“Where Do the Children “Play” by Cat Stevens 

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