Monday, August 1, 2016

“17 New Years” by Polyenso – A Touring Story

     A touring story of Polyenso provides insights into the issues facing Indie bands and how to address them. In May, the Floridian band was on a multi-state tour. The tour included two stops in California (we had hoped to catch the San Francisco visit on May 23). Unfortunately, the band’s transportation was uncooperative. Polyenso was stranded outside Palm Springs, California, when the engine of the tour van failed.
     Polyenso immediately started a GoFundMe campaign, setting the goal at $3,500. The crowd sourcing was successful. A total of $5,412 was raised. The band was forced to cancel only its two California stops. The story is a testimonial to the resourcefulness of the band members and the generosity of their fans.

     Polyenso is based in St. Petersberg. The members are Brennan Taulbee, Denny Agosto, and Alexander Schultz.
    “17 New Years” by Polyenso

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