Monday, August 8, 2016

“Need Comfort” by John Alcabean – A Song Review

     “Need Comfort” begins with a guitar in the frequency range reminiscent of some favorite Nirvana songs. But the song then heads in the general direction of Post-Punk. “Need Comfort” is a distortion-heavy track from a trio calling themselves John Alcabean.
     The band states, '''Need Comfort' is a good example of how a simple riff can carry an entire song. There is not a damn thing in that number. And yet there is plenty to be had if one delves into the noise universe after the small changes.” That's interesting, but we’re not sure we entirely agree. The percussion plays an important role, as best heard starting at 2:13, when the drums demand attention and carry the listener to a guitar breakout (following a four-second guitar bridge at 2:40). It’s that guitar breakout that is at the top of our list of features making the song blogworthy.

     John Alcabean is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brothers Victor Ryle Schack (vocals, guitar) and Julius Ryle Schack (bass) are joined by Daniel Winther Jørgensen (drums).
     “Need Comfort” by John Alcabean

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