Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Noisetrade Tuesday – Communist Daughter

     This week’s Noisetrade recommendation is a three-track offer by Communist Daughter. The songs are from the album “Soundtrack to the End.” Their sophomore album is due to drop on October 21, 2016.

  “Speed of Sound” by Communist Daughter

      The bio at the website of Communist Daughter provides insight into the music on their first album:
  A few years ago Johnny Solomon was a fixture in the tight knit Twin Cities music scene, forming the angular indie pop band Friends Like These and touring extensively, he received critical praise from far flung sources that looked like the beginning of a promising career.  The rising success masked his struggle with addiction and mental health problems, and quickly eclipsed his career, landing him in jail and treatment facilities across the country.  By the end of that whirlwind he had retreated to a small town across the border in Wisconsin where he assumed his music days were over. 
  But when he moved out of the city his demons followed him and he spent his nights writing and recording what he thought would be his eulogy, songs about lost love and lost chances, He recruited some friends to come out and put it all to tape. Calling his new band Communist Daughter, they released their debut album “Soundtrack to the End” in 2010.  As they gained national attention Johnny put all of it on hold and checked himself in to rehab one more time.
  In 2012 Communist Daughter returned with a clear eyed John, including his now wife Molly Solomon, bassist Adam Switlick, Steven Yasgar on Drums, Al Weirs on guitar and Dillon Marchus on keys.  They put out an EP “Lions & Lambs” and began touring the country again and gaining national attention.

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