Monday, August 22, 2016

Kick Starting a Morning – ELKI, Goldensuns, Hydrogen Sea, and Ludvig Moon

     Mornings that require a person to “hit the ground running” benefit from a trip to the Pop Library. We recommend that you check these out at the desk.
       ELKI is based in Sydney, Australia. The Triple J page identifies the contributors as ELKI (vocals, keys), Ross (guitar) Brendan (keys), Josh (bass), and Rob (drums).
     “Thunder” by ELKI


     Goldensuns consists of three brothers - Jantzen Meier, Chase Meier, And Weston Meier. They are based in Los Angeles, but are originally from Salt Lake City.
     “I’m So Confused” by Goldensuns


     Hydrogen Sea is a Dream Pop duo in Brussels. The members are Birsen Uçar and Pieterjan Seaux.
     “Beating Heart” by Hydrogen Sea

     Ludvig Moon released “Cult Baby” in June 2016. The Oslo band consists of Anders Killerud, Ole Torstein Hovig, Herman K. Hulleberg, Kristofer Mathias Staxrud, Andreas Myrvold, and Lydia Popkema.
     Cult Baby” by Ludvig Moon

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