Thursday, August 11, 2016

“See” by Restorations – A Song Review

     “See” is tailored for those of us who enjoy percussion that is exhausting, but not song-controlling. And the tailoring is particularly well suited for fans of songs that conclude with a wall of sound involving multiple guitars and lyrics sung with conviction.
     “See” is a release by Restorations. The members of the Philadelphia-based band are Dave Klyman (guitar, backing vocals), Jon Loudon (guitar, vocals), Ben Pierce (keys, guitar, backing vocals), Jeff Meyers (percussion), and Dan Zimmerman (bass, backing vocals). On both their Facebook page and their webpage, the band explains:
  It’s time for an experiment. Here are two new songs, “See” and “Sea”. These are self-released, Bandcamp-exclusive, no Spotify, no vinyl.
  These were recorded with our own money with longtime collaborator/6th member Jon Low. If you enjoy the tracks, kick in a couple bucks on our Bandcamp page and you’ll help fund future releases and tours. We intend to make music this way for a little while. Share hard.
  Its crazy out there. Please look out for one another. We’ll see you soon.
—Jon, Dave, Jeff, Ben, & Dan

     “See” by Restorations (the Bandcamp link:

Lyrics of “See” by Restorations
This must be some kind of signal
I can barely speak English
You should see me overseas
I’m not sure about much
But I can tell you with certainty
That little screen won’t make you happy

You could still write me letters
We’d still breathe the same air

Then they don’t get to touch you
Or tell you who you’re supposed to be
Or tell you who to love
I felt beautiful and sober
Though I see now that was a bit of a stretch

I heard you downstairs in the kitchen singing those old Ohio songs
Just trying to be simple again
I know I should be sleeping but I’m looking at @hotel_artwork
Oh lord, I’ve been so tucked away

You could still write me letters
We’d still breathe the same air
Just pitch it into the wind
We’d still live forever

Turn it off
They don’t speak for us
To just listen
How I miss it

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