Thursday, August 25, 2016

Folks We Oughta Know – The August Version II

     This month has been a particularly strong one for the discovery of music sitting in the Folk genre. So, having two “Folks We Oughta Know” is warranted.
     Louis Berry is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool. “Restless” is an up-tempo gem with attractive vocals and guitars that approach from a variety of directions. The acoustic guitar at the start is Folk, even though it’s accompanied by the background wane of an electric guitar. An electric guitar goes a little Country for a short time (1:25), but shows a Rock preference at other times (particularly the last 30 seconds). 
 "Restless" by Louis Berry

     Jasmine Rodgers is a Londoner who was introduced to Indie Obsessive in May. “Underwater” took over as our favorite song from Rodgers. The cello (by Danny Keane) and the addition of a male voice (Scott Matthews) enhance the emotional aura of “Underwater.”
Quoting the informative email submission for the song:
  About Jasmine Rodgers
Born into an artistic family – her mother a Japanese poet, her father the legendary vocalist Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company, Queen) – Jasmine Rodgers knew her way around both keyboard and fretboard before she even enrolled at secondary school. But given her love for art and zoology (in which she has a degree), music was initially a passionate pastime rather than a full-time pursuit. This changed when her older brother Steve, on hearing the ethereal beauty of Jasmine’s voice, asked her to sing with him and they formed the group Boa.

     Stepping over to Germany, The Unknown Neighbour is the performance name of Sascha Zemke. 
     "You and Me" by The Unknown Neighbour

     “Out In the Dark” is from Melbourne, Australia. Alexander Biggs has been gaining traction in the blogosphere. The attention is well deserved.  

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