Thursday, August 11, 2016

“Decide” by Junior Empire – A Song Review

     Junior Empire has more songs ready to disclose to the blogosphere, but there are benefits to sequentially releasing them, both for the band and for its fans. Today’s drop is “Decide.” Quoting the email submission regarding the song:
 “We wrote ‘Decide’ when we were in a period of uncertainty and confusion, which sometimes feels like every day." Explained the band, continuing "It's about having no idea what to do, and just rolling with it.”

     As we’ve noted both before and after the band’s name change, the members are Jack Balfour Scott (lead vocals), Joey Arnold Zapata (rhythm guitar, vocals), Diego Porto Belmonte (lead guitar), Hannah van den Brul (violin, vocals), and Jordan Gaetano Grispino (drums).
     “Decide” by Junior Empire

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