Saturday, August 13, 2016

“My Heart” by Twin Wild – A Song Review

     For thirty seconds of “My Heart,” the listener willingly follows a pleasant path that is safe, because the texture is non-threatening. Falsetto vocals supported by gentle guitar. That path drops into an anthemic course that feels less safe, and far more invigorating. Thunderous percussion and wailing guitar create changes in texture that demand attentiveness.
     “My Heart” is a single by Twin Heart, a quartet in London. The members are Richard Hutchison (vocals, guitar), Imran Mair (drums), David Cuzner (guitar), and Edward Thomas (bass). According to Hutchinson:
  “’My Heart’ is a reflection on the sacrifices involved in achieving your ambitions, but equally the rush that comes with it. It’'s definitely the song that resonates most with us as a band.”

     “My Heart” by Twin Wild

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