Saturday, August 6, 2016

“Right Place” by Nathan Ball – A Song Review

     Nathan Ball released a gem last year. It went by the name “Howling.” We neglected to introduce the song – yet another missed opportunity to promote a deserving artist. It’s a festival weekend (Outside Lands in San Francisco), but we aren’t going to risk a repeat. Nathan Ball released a song that is perhaps better – “Right Place.”

     Ball is a Londoner. Quoting the email submission of “Right Place:”
"Written following a recent European tour, via the mountainous regions of France - with this new single, it’s instantly apparent that Nathan and his band are taking things up a notch both sonically, and creatively. A glorious team effort - the time the band have spent on tour seems to have made a lasting impression on Nathan as a songwriter."

     “Right Place” by Nathan Ball

     “Howling” by Nathan Ball

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