Thursday, August 18, 2016

“Figure” by Matthew and Me – A Song Review

     During our first listen to “Figure,” our curiousity grew as to which bands Matthew and Me identified as influential to their sound and which bands other blogs used as comparisons. The curiosity stemmed from our conclusion that “Figure” had a resemblance to the music of the band Yes while their vocalist Jon Anderson was young and Rick Wakeman was the keyboardist (trivia interest – that was before the father of Grouplove’s drummer played guitar for the band).
     Well, our research did not lead to another comparison to Yes. It appears that we stand alone in the comparison. However, there is widespread praise for Matthew and Me in general and “Figure” in particular. 

     Matthew and Me are based in Totnes, UK. The core members are Matthew Board (vocals) and Lucy Fawcett (drums). Neither was alive during the heyday of Yes. The email invitation to review "Figure" noted that Matthew and Me "just been announced that their new EP 'Startpoint' will be coming out on November 18th via Beatnik Creative (nominated for best small label at this year's Association of Independent Music awards!)."
      “Figure” by Matthew and Me

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