Friday, August 19, 2016

Dublin Invasion? - Recommendations

     The U.S. has experienced two “British Invasions” in the world of music. The first was led by The Beatles in the 1960s, and the second brought a focus on New Wave music in the 1980s. Based upon our email submissions in the last two months, there are makings of an invasion from the coast of the Irish Sea opposite to Liverpool. So, it’s not a third British Invasion – it’s a Dublin Invasion. And we are more than willing to surrender.
     In the past, we’ve praised many Dublin-based Indie bands, including Kodaline, Bell X1, Motions, and Rezlow. Here are some musicians that have recently released music we recommend. 
     “Concentrate” dropped more than a year ago. But we were clueless until the video was released this year. The powerful video represents moments leading to a person's embrace of her gender identity.
     The song belongs to Elm, a five-member band based in Dublin (of course). The members are Dylan Walsh, Aidan Clancy, Gary Molloy, Cathy Ahearne, and Ruth Cronin.
     “Concentrate” by Elm – an effective use of the cello!

     Listening to “Sabbath,” it's not be apparent that Hilary Woods gained her Indie fame as a bassist. The song is built around vocals and the piano. “Sabbath” is a smoldering piece for much of its duration, but starting at 3:31, it is a progressive build into a raging fire.
     “Sabbath" by Hilary Woods

     EDEN is the performance name of Jonathan Ng, a 20 year-old Dubliner. He is a multi-instrumentalist who will be touring North America starting on September 7, 2016. Among the stops is a visit to San Francisco on September 14. The song “Circles” is our favorite song from his EP “I Think You Think Too Much of Me.”


     Le Boom has an energetic song in “What We Do,” and the video represents that energy. Le Boom is the performance name of Christy Leech.

     “Fall” is the lead track on Lisa Hannigan’s album “At Swim.” Quoting the email submission:
  "Hannigan and Aaron Dessner (guitar) started recording the new record with Logan Coale (bass) and Ross Turner (drums) in rural Hudson, NY at Future Past Studio. In the weeks that followed, Dessner produced the record at his home studio. 'He didn't want it to sound too pretty,' Hannigan says. 'He wanted it to have a texture rather than have big arcing melodies.' At Swim is in part about homesickness and isolation, as well as about love."

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