Tuesday, August 2, 2016

“Denial” by Hoyle: Plus Noisetrade Tuesday

     “Denial” would be interesting without the use of a choir to assist with the chorus. But the song is better because of the choir. And “Denial” would be enjoyable without the vocal layering of the choir over the lead singer in the last minute (starting at 2:26). But the song is blogworthy because of the vocal layering.

     Hoyle is a band from Orlando, Florida. The members are Nathan Beam, Patrick Chin, Corey Chin, and AP Harris.
     “Denial” by Hoyle

     Hoyle’s three-track sampler of their 2013 album, “Mecca Peccati” is still available for download at Noisetrade. Of the three songs on the sampler, we particularly recommend “Little Things.”

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