Friday, August 5, 2016

“Where's My Love” by SYML – A Song Review

     The outstanding emotive song of 2016 has surfaced. It’s entitled “Where’s My Love.” The piano isn’t complex. Nor is the support by the strings (cello, right?). The vocals aren’t demanding. But the elements are combined in a manner that positively distinguishes the song from others in our playlist.
      “Where’s My Love” is a track by SYML, which is the performance name of Brian Fennell. He was a founding member of the Seattle band Barcelona. 

According to the website of SYML (
Translated as “simple” in Welsh, SYML is the creation of Brian Fennell... With a keen grasp on textural and emotive songwriting, Fennell combines bare piano, minimalist synth and string-scapes, and etherial vocals to create the sounds of SYML. Accumulating many previous placements in TV and film with Barcelona, Fennell is no stranger to crafting songs that evoke movement and image when you close your eyes. Ranging from dark to light and sad to hopeful, SYML’s songs are sure to take the listener on a journey through the senses.

     “Where's My Love” by SYML

Lyrics of “Where's My Love” by SYML
Cold bones,
Yeah that’s my love
She hides away
Like a ghost.

Does she know
That we bleed the same?
Don’t wanna cry
But I break that way.

Cold sheets,
But where’s my love?
I am searching high,
I’m searching low in the night.

Does she know that we bleed the same?
Don’t wanna cry but I break that way.

Did she run away, did she run away, I don’t know
If she ran away, if she ran away, come back home
Just come home.

I got a fear,
Oh in my blood
She was carried up
Into the clouds, high above

If you bled,
I bleed the same
If you’re scared,
I’m on my way.

Did you run away, did you run away, I don’t need to know
If you ran away, if you ran away, come back home
Just come home.

Starring: Tanya Bevan
Directed & Edited by: Gavin Michael Booth
Produced by: Gavin Michael Booth & Sierra Parr
Director of Photography: Karl Janisee

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  1. The version with strings and piano is subtitled "Alternate." The acoustic version is a guitar based song. Which version is considered the original? Thanks.