Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ambient, Ethereal, Churchy and Atmospheric

     Vancouver Sleep Clinic released an animated video for a song we hadn’t previously heard. Listening to “Lung” was a reminder of the beauty of the genre and vocalization style. Many designations have been attached to the approach, including ambient, ethereal, churchy, and atmospheric. Regardless, there are times when the genre/style is ideal.
     Vancouver Sleep Clinic is Tim Bettinson, a 19-year old from Brisbane, Australia. 

     From London, the sound is generated by Hanging Valleys, which is Thom Byles (singer/songwriter), Mike Philips (guitar, vocals), and Alexis Meridol (beats, sampler).
  “Endless Wave” by Hanging Valleys


     A third song and a third continent - Sault Ste Marie is based in Southern California. 
  “The House of Winshire”

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