Monday, August 15, 2016

VACAY, Gonzalla and Judas – Three Song Monday

     In describing the emotion behind his song “The Other Side,” VACAY states that it “explores the crisis lovers have when they find themselves alone in a relationship wondering where the passion went.” The song is an acoustic gem, primarily using an acoustic guitar, vocals and hand-clap percussion.

     VACAY is the performance name of Toronto’s Levi Randall.  
     "The Other Side" by VACAY

     Gonzalla offers “We Still Run.” He is a Los Angeles-based artist, who goes by the name Cody Randall when not tied to his craft.
     "We Still Run" by Gonzalla

     "Call Me” begins with guitar that brings Angels and Airwaves to mind. The guitar periodically returns, but during most of the song, Judas forges its own sound. This is a four-piece band formed by John Clancy (vocals, guitar), Todd Blackmore (guitar), Sam Horvath, and James Phillips (bass).
     “Call Me” by Judas

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