Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Album Review: Louise Aubrie “Late 44”

Reviewer: Evan Morgan (

     If you're looking for something edgy with a touch of Indie, a dollop of Punk, and a dash of throwback Rock, Louise Aubrie's style is a perfect melting pot for all of those ingredients, bringing that blend to a sonic boil on her new album “Late 44.”
     As the album opener, “Masterstroke” is just that. The instrumentation is up-tempo and has a distinct groove permeating the arrangement. It’s got a Classic Rock feel with an abundance of attitude -- the only downside early on is that, at times, Aubrie's vocals tend to get drowned out by the thick wall of sound, but, overall, a solid opener.
     “Tearjerker” has a good level of distortion -- heavy enough to add grit, but airy enough to not weigh the track down. There's a quirkiness about it that's incredibly catchy, lending a sing-along quality to the track.
     Ultimately, Aubrie successfully captures the Classic sound for the modern era on “Late 44.” Whether you're looking for a modern twist down memory lane or you just want a record that you can put on and rock out to without going full-throttle, face to the floor, “Late 44” fulfills both functions, and does so with a moxie that's memorable.

     “Masterstroke” by Louise Aubrie

     “Tearjerker” by Louise Aubrie

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