Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Last Day of Summer – Related Songs

     Tomorrow is the September equinox. That means today is the last day of summer. Here are some season-appropriate songs.

      Wylder is an Indie Folk band from Fredericksburg, Virginia/Washington DC. The members are Will McCarry (vocals, guitar), Lonnie Southall (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Russell Michelson (piano, vocals) and Lavar Edmonds (violin, cello). Their single “Sunstroke” takes advantage of the many band members who are able to contribute vocally. The strings have a positive influence on the overall feel of “Sunstroke.”

     Summer Heart is from Malmö, Sweden, which was mentioned only a couple of days ago, while introducing YAST. There are a number of deserving choices in the selection of a song to post. But the summery feel and the message in “Nothing Can Stop Us Now” make it the most deserving candidate. Summer Heart is the performance name of multi-instrumentalist David Alexander.

     Summer Moon is formed of four members from three bands. The band members are Nikolai Fraiture (Strokes), Tennessee Thomas (Like), Erika Spring and Lewis Lazar (both from Au Revoir Simone). We are fans of the song “With You Tonight.”

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