Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Review: Steve Benjamins “Sightlines” EP

Reviewer: Evan Morgan (https://twitter.com/evanmorgan808)

     Every once in a while as a listener, you come across an artist that affects your listening experience in such a way that you won't be quite the same afterward. You find your own experience has become enriched by such a discovery, and you spend the rest of your days chasing that feeling. Steve Benjamins is that kind of artist, and his brand of atmospheric Indie Pop found on 'Sightlines' is the sort that touches the soul.
      As both the title and opening track, 'Sightlines' is an ethereal offering that instantly calms. The soothing instrumentation induces a subtle sense of relaxation that's re-enforced by Benjamins' smooth delivery -- reminiscent of the honey-dipped whiskey groove of Amos Lee. While it may be a bit slow on the tempo end of the spectrum for an opener, Benjamins fits perfectly in the pocket of that style, such that there's never a dull moment or a point at which it feels like the track is dragging, and that's a tell-tale sign of an artist completely in his comfort zone.
      “We Used To Live Here” is certainly more along the lines of Mainstream Pop than Indie, but Benjamins manages to incorporate Electronic elements into his overall instrumentation in a way that doesn't scream EDM, and that's refreshing to hear. Benjamins is able to incorporate those elements (adding texture and versatility to the track) without it overwhelming said track.
      “Exploding Boy” is certainly the most explosive track on the EP (also the most up-tempo). There's an epic feel to it that's incredibly captivating, the tension slowly builds until it can't be contained any longer, and yet, that tension is released almost instantly as the down-tempo dynamic once more takes hold – definitely a frontrunner for best track.

     “We Used To Live Here” by Steve Benjamins

     “Exploding Boy” by Steve Benjamins

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