Friday, September 18, 2015

Cannons and Other Tel Aviv Indie Artists

     We paid attention to bands from Tel Aviv in preparation for a post dedicated to the Indie scene in Israel. In prior posts, praise was given to the Post Punk sound of Vaadat Charigim and the Rock duo ness (which includes a member from Tel Aviv). But there are many others. For example, Tatran is an instrumental trio (guitar, bass and drum) with music that is sometimes explosive and other times calming.
     The collection of Tel Aviv-related recommendations continues to grow, but the discovery of Cannons motivated us to perhaps prematurely put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard). Cannons recently released an eleven-track album entitled “Nothing Anywhere.” We enjoy all eleven songs and find it surprising that Cannons are allowing “name your price” downloads of the album at their Bandcamp site. The songs that we play more often are “Brains,” “Debauchery Nights” and “Weekend Getaways.”
     The members of Cannons are Sagi James Shahar, Yonny Joseph, Nimrod Goldfarb and Yoav Arbel.
     “Brains” by Cannons

     Debauchery Nights” by Cannons

     Lola Marsh is an Indie Folk/Pop band in Tel Aviv. The members are Gil Landau (guitars, vocals), Yael Shoshana Cohen (lead vocals, percussion, ukulele), Mati Gilad (bass, vocals), Rami Osservaser (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Dekel Dvir (drums, vocals).
     “You’re Mine” by Lola Marsh

     Cut Out Club identifies its genre as “Big Band, Art Rock, White Funk, Dark Disco.” There are touches of each component in the song “We Are Ghosts.” The eight members are Nitzan Horesh, Ben Golan, Roey Bar Yehuda, Daniella Milo, Ishay Berger, Shay Roth, Doron Talmon and Haggai Fershtman.
     “We Are Ghosts" by Cut Out Club 

    There is much to like about “Happiest of All Memorial Days” by Acollecitive. The energy build (crescendo) that starts at 2:48 is well executed, particularly when the horns take center stage. The vocals have an understated emotion. And the lyrics are interesting:
I want a child that never grows
And a love that'll never get too old
No slow days, there's an everchanging pulse
Busy nights, the brightest lights
You get your cake and eat it too  
If you're still alone I'd like to come back home

      The members of Acollective are Idan Rabinovici, Roy Rieck, Roy Rabinovici, Joseph E-Shine, Daniel Shoham, Emanuel Slonim and Nadav Chef Luzia.
     “Happiest of All Memorial Days” by Acollecitive (another free download? How do bands eat?)

     “Who’s at Your Window” by Sun Taylor

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