Saturday, September 26, 2015

“Mountains” by BamBoo – A Song Review

     Not long ago, we read an article that identified Toronto, Canada as one of the most prolific cities of Indie bands. We were skeptical. Since then, the skepticism has disappeared. Through a combination of not paying attention to the hometowns of some bands and not being exposed to the music of other bands, we didn’t appreciate the Indie contributions of Toronto.
     BamBoo is an example of a Toronto band that inexplicably did not pass through our radar screen. The song “Mountains” was released in 2014 – missed it. During most of the song, the drums are the main instrument, with periodic assists provided by single guitar strums. This instrumental arrangement is twice disrupted by controlled chaos that occurs after a shout of “Whatta ya say?!”
     And during most of the song, there is a lead vocalist who tells the story. But perhaps the most interesting feature of “Mountains” is the band vocalization, which is heard for the first time at 1:07. The band members of BamBoo are Nick Collet, Steve Benjamins, Marcus Retterath and Michael Schmidt.

     “Mountain” by BamBoo (The band is currently permitted free downloads - note the downward-pointing arrow in the Soundcloud stream.) 

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