Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Single Review: Bitter's Kiss “The Rope (Radio Mix)”

Reviewer: Evan Morgan (

     As the creative vehicle for New Jersey artist Chloe Baker, Bitter's Kiss is an equal part blend of quirky lyrics and melody-driven Pop -- Regina Spektor meets Ellie Goulding.
     There's an up-beat nature to her musical style that contrasts sharply with the melancholic lyrics – the duality that's induced on account of that contrast is reminiscent of The Cure – cheery melodies marked by dark moods.
     As the first video released from the eight track album, "The Rope (Radio Mix)" opens with clean, shimmering arpreggios and light string arrangements. Bitter's Kiss is bittersweet in all the right places, and, 'The Rope' is a perfect example of that: it's as emotionally heavy as it is melodically light. It's this pull of opposites that sees the two co-exist to create a listening experience that's entirely unique. Chloe Baker lulls the listener to sleep with a long kiss goodnight – as bitter as it is breathtaking.

     "The Rope (Radio Mix)"

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