Tuesday, September 22, 2015

“Gone” by Ofelia K. – A Song Review

     “Gone” begins with breathy vocals and minimalistic piano. At the 0:51 mark, electronically generated percussion jumps in. If someone were to ask us to listen to a song with that description, we might turn and get a cup of coffee. But Ofelia K.’s “Gone” is an execution that shows the flaws in having a bias away from such a format and toward the coffee dispenser.
     And “Gone” gets better. At 2:09, the song becomes more melodic and gentler on the listener’s ears. “Gone” is an exception to our bias and is exceptional in its mixing and delivery. 
     Ofelia K. is based in Los Angeles, California. According to an email invitation to review her work:
     "My producer/co-writer Dr Rosen Rosen played me a track he was messing around with that had a beautiful organ falling slightly in and out of tune. I was really obsessed with it and we began building 'Gone' around that part. I love the sadness of the subject matter, mixed with the optimism of the instrumentation."

     “Gone” by Ofelia K.

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