Monday, September 14, 2015

FOURS – A Band Review

    It is difficult to find information about London’s FOURS. So, let’s lead with “If you enjoy bands with a strong female vocal presence and attention-grabbing 80’s style guitar hooks, it’s time to listen to the music of FOURS.”
     Of the three songs currently available on Soundcloud, “Stranger” provides the best example of the attractiveness of the vocals. At times within the final minute of “Stranger,” the voice of Edith Violet is layered atop itself (for example, starting at 3:00). “Leave Me” has some of the best hooks. Still, it’s “Damage” that is the standout for us. There is a greater conviction in the lyrics and the presentation of those vocals – “You’ll be stronger without me.”  

    The members of FOURS are Edith Violet (vocals), Dan Smith (guitar), Jezza Wells (bass) and Luke Jefferies (drums). They identify “She Bu” as their hometown. After a little searching, we now know that it is shorthand for Sheperds Bush, which is a section of West London.

    “Leave Me”



  1. This is an amazingly brilliant band. Ok very Florence and the Machine but with a difference. Edith Violet's vocals are haunting. Great groves. If this band doesn't make it big in 2016 I will be very surprised. Just loving it on iTunes.

    1. Right? My first association was Florence Welsh :)