Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Review: Qualia “Triptych” EP

Reviewer: Evan Morgan (https://twitter.com/evanmorgan808)

     As the solo project of Michael Hazani, Qualia is a sensory overload of melodic madness in the best way. With lush atmospherics, depth of arrangement, and an infectious, up-beat style, this is an essential EP for any Indie Rock enthusiast.
      As the opening track, “Presque Vu” is reminiscent of Super Mario meets Matt Nathanson as a fast-paced tempo collides with melodic intensity to create a catchy opener that will get your attention right out of the gate.
      “Guilotine” is considerably more stripped-down. A simple drum beat and backing melodies lay the foundation for Hazani to tell his story. There's a fire in this track that has a slow-burn effect, building up in parts and then coming back down, but always keeping a level of intensity as its base.
      “Tell Me A Story” is definitely the most radio ready of the three tracks. A groove-laden bass line and Pop-infused melodies kick off this track before the down-tempo melodics kick in. The two tempos play off of one another to create a well-rounded track that's a runaway favorite for best on the EP.
      Overall, the only real downside to “Triptych” is that it only has three tracks. The EP will easily leave listeners wanting more, and, as both an artist and a listener, what more could one ask for?

      “Presque Vu”


     “Tell Me A Story”

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