Friday, September 11, 2015

Single Review: The Como Brothers Band “Good Enough For Me”

Reviewer: Evan Morgan (

     Hailing from Long Island, New York, The Como Brothers are like Bluesy John Mayer meets Michael Buble -- a mix of modern Pop with vintage Blues and Soul.
     As both the opening track and lead single off their “Imagination” EP, “Good Enough For Me” is quite the understated title. A classic count-in paves the way for the mildly distorted Blues chords and licks (not quite distorted enough to be considered low-down-dirty Blues, but not quite clean enough to be too mainstream Pop, either). The Como Brothers find their niche playing in that pocket -- crafting multi-layered tunes that are intricate enough to appeal to more discerning ears whilst being catchy enough to attract the masses -- and “Good Enough For Me” is a prime example of that.

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