Sunday, September 13, 2015

Visiting Some Old Friends

     The songs in this post are recent releases by artists who were praised by Indie Obsessive in the past.
     A few months ago, we posted an apology to Colour the Atlas for not paying attention to email invitations to review their music. We did learn our lesson. The latest invitation was to consider the video for “Lighter,” which is yet to have a Soundcloud stream, or it would be embedded beneath the video. The members are Jess Hall (vocals, keyboards), Alex Stone (guitar, vocals), Andy Vincent (bass), and Stef Pysanczyn (drums). They are based in Swindon, UK.
     According to the email invitation:
     “'Lighter’' was our way of musically expressing our frustration at parts of the industry, and to all those people in life that tell you everything you want to hear, build you up, lead you on, only to tear it all up in front of you. We’d just gone through some hard times with a label, and some tough times for me [Jess Hall] personally. So it was kind of a release – ‘take the words out their mouths and burn them up with a lighter’.  The video kind of happened by accident, it wasn’t pre-thought out or anything. We were in the ladder factory recording parts for another track, and somehow after a lot of coffee ended up recording the video.”

     Wolf Alice released “Baby Ain’t Made of China” and is allowing free downloads (mere price of an email address). Another important fact about this UK band is that they will make the fourth San Francisco visit of 2015 on October 15 (at The Chapel).
     “Baby Ain’t Made of China” - The site for the free download is

     We are fans of the song “Glass Heart” by Magic Giant. The band is now allowing downloads via Noisetrade (again, the mere price of an email address). We highly recommend “Glass Heart.”

      We noticed that Half Moon Run just added a date in Los Angeles to the ambitious tour that will include sites in Europe, Canada and the U.S. The hope is that a San Francisco visit will be posed soon. Half Moon Run is a band that puts on a great show!
     “Turn Your Love” by Half Moon Run

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