Saturday, September 19, 2015

Album Review: Robot Garden “Robot Garden”

Reviewer: Evan Morgan (

     As a quartet out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Robot Garden is a perfect fusion of the White Stripes meets Queens of the Stone Age, with aggressive riffs, varying time signatures, and a tongue-in-cheek quirkiness that makes them addictive. Each of these elements comes together to create a stunning self-titled record that should be a part of your playlist. Now.
     As the opening track “Control” starts with a simple but catchy, mildly distorted riff, as the drums pick up speed and break into a melodic chorus. The track maintains a kind of slick heaviness without crossing over the threshold and becoming pure noise -- it's an exercise in control in terms of taming the beast in such a way that it's intense without overpowering.
      “Fountain of Youth” takes a more toned-down, Synth-driven approach, as shimmering licks and a semi-Psychedelic arrangement makes this considerably different that your usual ballad. After such a high-energy opener, it's interesting that Robot Garden would place a ballad to follow it, but, even though it's considerably less intense, the melodies work together well and create a beautiful track overall. Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist Andres Aloi really shines on this track, and it's clear that Robot Garden is as comfortable with down-tempo as they are with up. “Fountain of Youth” is definitely the most radio-ready track on the album.
      “Alien Don't Take My Sheep Away” goes full-tilt into Reggae -- an unexpected turn that Robot Garden pull off with ease. It's clear after a track like this that the band is comfortable in any style, and that they can put their own spin on just about anything. While not Roots, this track is certainly rooted in those influences, and Robot Garden know how to blend genres in a way that works for them -- a true sign of talented musicians.
Ultimately, this record is nothing short of brilliant. It’s got grit, edge, and attitude alongside melody-minded song structure and an all-around, collective know-how that translates into well-crafted offerings through and through. Robot Garden meticulously maintain the balance of being loud and intense without being noisy, and stripped-down without feeling sappy, and that, in and of itself, results in a perfectly balanced record from start to finish. If you hadn't heard of these guys prior to giving them a listen, it's safe to say you'll never forget them after.

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