Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pop Heavy with No Apologies

     This post is the latest within a semi-regular series dedicated to the Pop genre. Two of the five songs are arguably a slightly better fit within another genre, but we’re comfortable with their qualifications for this post.

     Air Traffic Controller is a Boston band. The members are Dave Munro (vocals, guitar), Casey Sullivan (vocals, bass), Steve Scott (guitar), Jeremy Van Cleave (violin, percussion) and Richie Munro (drums). Dave and Richie are brothers.
     While there are a number of blogworthy Air Traffic Controller songs, “On the Wire” is our favorite. The track takes advantage of many of the band’s strengths. The female vocalization (Casey Sullivan) is featured, the percussion is more prominent than in most songs of Air Traffic Controller, and the guitars are well represented. “On the Wire” gained some exposure when used in an episode of MTV’s “Finding Carter.”
     “On the Wire” by Air Traffic Controller

     flor is a band that steers away from capitalization. Following their lead, the members are zach grace, dylan william, mckinley kitts and kyle hill. The band was originally from Hood River, Oregon, but relocated to Los Angeles.
     “Let Me In” by flor 

     The music of No Devotion resides within different genres, depending upon which of their songs is being played. They aren’t “all over the map,” but No Devotion covers a health portion of the genre map, ranging from Rock to Post-Punk and Shoegaze. “Permanent Sunshine” is Pop, at least for purposes of this post.
     No Devotion is formed of Geoff Rickly (lead vocals), Jamie Oliver (vocals, piano, keys), Lee Gaze (vocals), Mike Lewis (rhythm guitar) and Stuart Richardson (bass).
     “Permanent Sunshine”

     Shapes on Tape is Brooklyn-based. The members are Jason Matuskiewicz and Adam Kruckenberg.
     “Still Believe in Love” by Shapes on Tape – currently a free download.


     From London, Bare Traps offers the song “Inside.” According to their Facebook page, “Not deemed ‘hip’ enough to live in any of the cool parts of London, they were resigned to Harrow at the end of the Bakerloo line (you know, the shit coloured one?). Mikey, Luke, Scott and John were brought together through a mutual appreciation of tea and disco biscuits.
     “Inside” by Bare Traps

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