Monday, September 7, 2015

“Home” on Labor Day – Slow Down Molasses and Isles

     There weren’t any labor-related songs in our list of songs to be promoted. The next best approach is to post songs with titles related to one result of Labor Day, namely the ability to stay home.
     “Home” by Slow Down Molasses is a combination of Shoegaze, Dream Pop and Rock. The result is a highly textured sound that is attractive to a variety of tastes without catering to any particular one.
     Slow Down Molasses is from Saskatoon, Canada, and is formed of Tyson McShane (vocals, guitar), Jeanette Stewart (keyboards, vocals), Levi Soulodre (bass), Aaron Scholz (drums) and Chrix Morin (bass, guitar).
     “Home” by Slow Down Molasses

     “Home Again” by Isles alternates between the vocal purity of Olivia May and the Hip Hop of Casey Bisetti. The other four members of this band from Woodland Hills, California are Daniel Braunstein (guitar), Adam Elzarou (bass), Matt Barreca (drums) and AJK (samples).
     “Home Again” by Isles

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