Wednesday, September 23, 2015

“Soak” by Cavalry – A Song Review

     Add Cavalry to the short list of bands to whom we make the offer, “If you’re too busy to meet the October 23 deadline for applying to attend SXSW 2016, we’ll do it for you.” We figure that our best chance to see this Liverpool band prior to the hopefully inevitable popularity explosion is to attend a performance in Austin, Texas next March.
     The previous releases by Cavalry were all blogworthy. We posted three songs in May 2015 (only “An Understanding” is still available on Soundcloud). The latest release, “Soak,” is better. “Soak” starts quietly. When the vocals enter, guitar strums are timed to provide emphasis. There is a beauty and a gentleness to the first half of the song, despite the lyrical message about a relationship. Then at 2:17, the kick drum signals a change. The tempo increases, the pronunciation of the lyrics becomes more consistently rhythmic, and the synchronization between the guitar and vocalization becomes less apparent. The two halves of “Soak” provide two equally powerful reasons to enjoy the song.

     The members of Cavalry are Steven Taylor (guitar), Gareth Dawson (drums), Alan Croft (lead vocals), Austin Logan (guitar) and Paul James Jones (bass). That’s right, they have a band member named Austin, the home of SXSW. Hey guys, the application form may be found at Let us know if we can help!

     “Soak” by Cavalry – A Song Review. To purchase "Soak" through iTunes, go to

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