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From the Mailbox of Indie Obsessive – The September Post

     Each week we consistently dig deep into the treasure trove of email submissions, read the stories of artists as they create and release new music, and listen to songs from around the world.  Truly we are grateful for the volume of submissions we receive, so please continue to send them along!  Since we are not able to post song or album reviews for each submission, we will start a series of posts to share noteworthy obsessive highlights from the Indie Obsessive mailbox.

Presented by Karen M.
     Pasted from the email submission to Indie Obsessive:
     Ethereal Irish folk pop duo Saint Sister present their debut EP “Madrid,” a haunting collision of glitchy electronics, heavenly harps and deeply personal lyrics – a combination the band refer to as “atmosfolk” – released via Trout Records on 13th November.
     Gemma Doherty and Morgan MacIntyre formed Saint Sister in 2014, and have already made TV appearances in their native Ireland, as well as supporting Arcade Fire’s Will Butler and San Fermin. The pair was drawn together after being unsatisfied with the limitations of performing as solo artists. Along with their complex, interweaving harmonies, Gemma’s electronic harp brings a uniquely traditional Celtic dynamic to the duo’s sound.
     The “Madrid” EP was recorded in a short, “intense” session at County Kerry’s Noise studio by Alex Ryan of Hozier, but not a second of it sounds rushed. The tracks on “Madrid” variously call to mind Feist, Patrick Wolf, Kathryn Williams, as well as the musicians Morgan calls “the great storytellers” – Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. Saint Sister’s “atmosfolk” sound, described by the band as “a mix of soulful vocal harmonies, dreamy synth and electro-acoustic harp,” is entirely their own creation.
     You ask me if I’m happy – I’ve been wondering that too,” the pair sing on “Versions of Hate,” and while almost every line on “Madrid” is as eviscerating as this, Morgan insists that Saint Sister’s material isn’t entirely drawn from personal experience. “It’s not really feasible to rip apart my own life for a song the way I used to,” she explains. If nothing else, that suggests the dedication and devotion that Saint Sister put into their music. On the evidence of “Madrid,” that devotion is about to be very much returned.

    “Madrid” by Saint Sister

     Pasted from the email submission to Indie Obsessive:
     “Paranormal Activity” is the first single off Akiine’s forthcoming "Neptune" EP.  It’s a compassionate monologue by Akiine by minimal rhythm & bounce production:
Momma why I am so high all the time? Is there something in the milk giving nurture to the origin of my thinking?  Momma why am I so high on something so deceiving, giving nothing to the eye but still you feel it?  Like Paranormal Activity.” 
     Akiine’s “Neptune” EP drops Oct. 30th via Brooklyn Color Station.

     About Akiine:  Share a moment with Swedish Londoner Akiine and your inherent need to keep things literal will no longer exist.  “I feel like magic lives in me.  I feel like a little world in a bigger galaxy but with them all inside me like an inner outer space.  That’s what the expression feels like.  Like two forces.  Kind of like a supernova glowing and glowing ready to implode.”  It’s universal affection.  It’s the feeling you get from cutting an argument short with an embrace.  In this little world you’ll be rid of the heaviness of the ordinary.  There’s minimal pop production with beautiful layers and choruses weaved around mystic storytelling.  It’s Akiine’s voice but your imagination.  You’ve made it.
     “Paranormal Activity” by Akiine

     Pasted from the email submission to Indie Obsessive:
     This is Hazel's third song and all three have been stellar variations of dream pop. She's had nods from top UK ( DIY, Best Fit) and US sites ( Gorilla Vs Bear, Stereogum, Pigeons & Planes, Spin) in the run up to her debut EP.
     With her new single "Fix" songwriter Hazel English delivers on the early promise of the previously released "Never Going Home" and "It's Not Real". The Australian born artist moved to Oakland, CA and began to pen her debut collection of songs, an EP entitled “Never Going Home,” which will be released this Fall.

      "Fix" by Hazel English

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