Wednesday, September 23, 2015

“The Follower” by The Plaidians – A Song Review

     “The Follower” combines elements borrowed from different 1990’s Seattle Grunge bands with elements that are foreign to Grunge. The band is The Plaidians, a name with a dominant syllable (plaid) consistent with the style of shirt of many Grunge bands. The start of “The Follower” uses an acoustic guitar and vocals that show both vulnerability and strength, similar to “Down in a Hole” by Alice in Chains and not too far from Nirvana and Pearl Jam approaches (particularly when the two bands made their high profile appearances in “unplugged” environments).
     On the other hand, “The Follower” has a low-frequency resonance at times. The didgeridoo-type resonance is first introduced at 1:03. The didgeridoo originated in Australia, the home of The Plaidians. While we suspect the instrument is not used to generate the low-frequency sound in “The Follower,” neither the instrument nor the sound is characteristic of any Grunge we can recall. Other Grunge departures include the heavy reliance on the cello and the clean electrical guitar that is best employed at the end of the song.

     The Plaidians are Melbourne-based Gary Thackrah (vocals, guitar) and Justin Penkethman (bass). “The Follower” is the first single from a debut album scheduled for release in February 2016.
     “The Follower” by The Plaidians

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