Saturday, November 7, 2015

ASTR “Homecoming EP” – An Album review

Reviewer: Evan Morgan (

          Who knew that meeting in a yoga class could inspire such musical creativity? That’s exactly the case for this duo, who, after forming ASTR three years ago, have been constantly embracing that creativity and taking it to new heights. The pair is fresh off the release of their latest EP “Homecoming.”
     “Get So High” is an EDM-infused opener similar to the likes of Ellie Goulding or Demi Lovato, with Pop melodies bathed in electronic rhythm and bass. It’s a catchy opener overall, with enough going for it to keep listeners interested, and, ultimately, keep listeners listening.
     “Invincible” is considerably more dialed down than the opener, but just as infectious in terms of overall song structure and execution. This is the sort that would do well filling up the dance floor in the club and just as well as a chill soundtrack at home. This duo has a deep understanding of melody and that knowledge comes across in every vocal harmony and electronic element. Overall, it’s a nice change of pace from the high-energy opener that showcases the kind of diversity this duo has.
     The rest of the six-track EP is an auditory odyssey along the Electronic Pop spectrum that’s rich with texture and flecked with various tones and intonations. It’s a mix of modern, savvy, and conscious Pop with an edge that’s electric – quite literally.

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