Thursday, November 5, 2015

“Follow Me Home” by Francis – A Song review

     There are times when we hear a song for the first time and enjoy the first minute so much that our mind quietly pleads, “Please don’t sudden take this song in an undesirable direction; it’s going well.” On the other hand, we can’t remember a silent prayer in an almost opposite direction, “Please make this song even better.” If our thoughts had gone in that direction while listening to “Follow Me Home,” we would have proclaimed, “OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!”  [Admittedly, we can be odd at times.]
     For the first portion of “Follow Me Home” by Francis, the flow is smooth and the vocals are Soulful with a splash of Country. The instrumentation is similarly smooth, but the guitar sometimes breaks in with genuine Rock.
     It’s at the 3:29 mark that a slow building crescendo becomes undeniable. As the crescendo continues, the piano demands attention. Suddenly, at 4:12, there is a musically dramatic return to many of the characteristics of the early portion of the song, but now there is a slight processing to the sentence-speaking vocals, while the sequence of “ooo” remains pure. These are touches that are made by people who know and love their music. The writers at Indie Obsessive silently pray, “Please keep up the great work, Francis!

     Francis is a quintet based in Falun, Sweden. The members are Petra Mases (vocals), Petter Nygårdh (drums), Jerker Krumlinde (guitar), Paulina Mellkvist (bass), and Oskar Bond (keyboard). According to their press material:
  "Follow Me Home" is the first single from Francis' debut LP 'Marathon,' with the full-length arriving on February 5 next year via Strangers Candy. "Follow Me Home" is produced by Nicolas Vernhes (Daughter, Deerhunter, Animal Collective etc).

     “Follow Me Home” by Francis

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