Tuesday, November 3, 2015

“Here We Go” by Clemency – A Song Review

     Southern Rock is making its return, and it’s doing so on the shoulders of Nashville artists. Clemency’s release of “Here We Go” is the latest evidence. The song is a motivational anthem – whatever your goal:
Believe when you can’t see.
Don’t see the sign? Give it time.
Won’t reach the top without the climb.”

      Importantly, within the song structure of vocals/instruments/vocals, the center portion is not designed to cater to the Rock masses. Instead, the selection of the instruments screams “Southern” and the use of those instruments firmly states “Rock.”

     Clemency is an Indie band formed of brothers Jason and Paul Watkins. The single “Here We Go” was produced by Joe Causey, who worked in the same capacity for other Tennessee-based artists, including Colony House and the transplanted Jillian Edwards.

     “Here We Go” by Clemency


  1. Love the song , I bet I'll love the cd.
    Sounds great!

  2. Where do i buy the cd's? Kim Fleming needs them . I have the 1st 2 Your dad gave me the 2nd one.