Thursday, November 12, 2015

Beauty in Simplicity – Roth and Slow Hands

     Here are two songs with a simplicity that contributes to the attractiveness of the music.
     Roth is the surname of a brother-and-sister duo from Stockholm. Julia and Gustav Roth released “We Are” and we became fans with the first listen. The guitar at the start of the song and much of the other instrumentation would not be a challenge for musicians having only an intermediate skill level. Yet, we return to this song each morning and find it uplifting each time.
     “We Are” by Roth

     Slow Hands is the performance name of Ryan Cavanagh. His “Coney Island Stroll” does factor some trumpet into the equation, but the instruments are otherwise mathematically simple. Only a portion of the song is available as a Soundcloud stream, but the 2:30 preview is a sufficient basis for the decision to make a purchase. Slow Hands will visit San Francisco on December 1, 2015. He will open for Miami Horror at the Mezzanine.
      “Coney Island Stroll” by Slow Hands

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