Thursday, November 26, 2015

“Emergency Exit” by Scarlet Echo – A Song Review

     As fans of the band Yes, we are immediately attracted to songs that have a hint of the original sound of the band. Enter “Emergency Exit” by Scarlet Echo. The lead vocalist of Scarlet Echo is Hannah Stanbury, who at various times has much in common with the vocals of Yes’ Jon Anderson. A good example at the 40 second mark of “Emergency Exit,” which begins with the word “through.”

     Scarlet Echo is an Essex, UK band with two females and two males. In addition to Hannah Stanbury (vocals, guitar), the members are Jamie Burroughs (guitar), Miles Hobbs (bass) and Save Alex (drums). The “echo” portion of the band name is appropriate. Rumor is that in the making of their recently released debut album, “An Exact Portrayal of Nothing in Particular,” some singing was done using the Alex’s cupboard.

     “Emergency Exit” by Scarlet Echo

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