Monday, November 23, 2015

“Run Or Hide” by Run River North – A Song Review

     Song structures are often sectional. A common pattern is vocals/instrumental/vocals. Even the vocals are sectional, for example verse/chorus/verse/chorus. The six-section structure of “Run Or Hide” is reflective/angry/reflective/angry/reflective/angry. Both vocally and instrumentally, the even numbered sections are enraged. It works well.
     “Run Or Hide” is the latest release of Run River North from San Fernando Valley, California. The song will be on the upcoming album “Drinking from a Salt Pond.” The album is scheduled for drop on February 26, 2015. The six members of Run River Runa are Alex Hwang (vocals, acoustic guitar), Daniel Chae (electric guitar, violin), Jennifer Rim (violin), Joseph Chun (bass), John Chong (drums), and Sally Kang (vocals, keys).

      “Run Or Hide” by Run River North

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