Monday, November 16, 2015

“Lithe” by St. Sleep – A Song Review

     “Lithe” is a sophisticated, thought-inducing song from St. Sleep. Select the genre of your preference, place more focus on a corresponding feature, and you’ll find “Lithe” as pleasing as we do. Your preference is Rock? Then, pay attention to the guitar licks. Oh, you like touches of classical music in your Indie? Well, there’s the piano, which has a shifting importance within the song. Particularly in the final 40 seconds, when there are so many other contributions to the song, the piano has a cadence and feel that reflects classical training.
     There are also times when “Lithe” is beat-driven - we enjoy the use of the kick drum at the 2:40 mark. And for those music lovers who prefer vocals that invite listeners to add their voices, stick around for the end of the song, when the repetitive verse provides the invitation.
     St. Sleep is a London band with ties to Iceland. The members are Myles Pereira, Gulli Gunnarsson, John Martinelli, Nick Calafato and Daniel Mayers.

     “Lithe” by St. Sleep

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