Monday, November 2, 2015

“Treetops” by Manfred Kidd – A Song Review

     “Treetops” can justifiably be described as energetic, sophisticated and playful. That’s not a common combination of adjectives.
     The playfulness enters with the kazoo-like sound (for example, at 1:47), some of the backing vocals (for example, the higher pitch “calls” at 0:55), and some of the lead vocals. The energy is readily apparent during various portions of “Treetops.” And the sophistication is the ability to tie the different elements of the song together into a package that demands respect for the skills of the artists.
     “Treetops” is a release from Manfred Kidd. Our best guess is that the band name is loosely based on the 1960’s Manfred Mann ("Blinded by the Light"). Manfred Kidd is a duo from Gothenburg, Sweden. The members are Victor Crusner (vocals, guitar) and Fredrik Folkestad (vocals, piano/synth). 

     “Treetops” by Manfred Kidd

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