Saturday, November 7, 2015

“London Girl” by Tumbler – A Song Review

Reviewer: Evan Morgan (

     Tumbler is a Pop/Folk act coming out of the UK that melds both styles together seamlessly – accessible, yet still on the fringe. As the third track on the full-length album “You Said,” “London Girl”is a prime example of such melding.

     The light, airy acoustics underscore the mood of melancholy that's instantly felt from the moment the opening verse rings out. There's a simple beat that drives the track forth, which, when combined with the assorted riffs and licks further establishes and cements that mood. The solo midway through adds depth and texture to the track as the melody and melancholy move forth. There's also a stark contrast at play here in terms of the bright sounds and somber lyrics, adding yet another layer to the track and the listening experience as a whole.

     “London Girl” by Tumbler

The Lyrics of “London Girl”
My London girl I’ll say it clear
She don’t eat burgers she don’t drink beer
She don’t come bowling don’t like my smoking
And when I’m snoring she moves elsewhere
My London girl despite it all
Believes we’re still compatible
And as for me emphatically
I think she’s beautiful

My London girl she loves the Queen
High toffs and Tories that kind of thing
And art and culture and the soaps besides
And fancy vegetables that ain’t been fried
My London girl likes different stuff
But still believes we’re good enough
And as for me why disagree?
I think she’s beautiful

My London girl like Tuesday’s child
Is full of grace and class and style
She’s good with flowers and with people too
She makes them smile yeah she makes them bloom
My London girl in honesty
Could do much better than one like me
I don’t know why but in her eyes
She thinks I’m beautiful

My London girl just one more thing
She’s musical so when I sing
It hurts her ears still she lets me be
And did I mention she cooks for me?
My London girl for all the world
You’d have to say is wonderful
And as for me emphatically
I think she’s beautiful
I think for me she’ll always be
Like London beautiful

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