Thursday, November 19, 2015

“Jacob” by Lyke Giants – A Song Review

     Especially during the first half of “Jacob,” the song effectively transitions between “echoey” and echo-filled. Cleverly, the more significant transitions signal changes in the instrumentation that drives the song. Initially, the instruments are clearly subordinate to the haunting vocals. But when the heavy echo subsides at the 0:52 mark, a guitar takes equal billing. After the next heavy echo (1:22), it’s the bass that demands attention. Then, at 2:12, it’s a change to Rock.

     Lyke Giants is formed of two brothers and a friend. Their names are James Brewer (vocals, guitars) Callaghn Thomson (bass, keys) and Luke Thomson (drums). They are based in Tasmania, Australia.

     “Jacob” by Lyke Giants

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