Monday, November 16, 2015

“Woman in Rust” by Silver Torches – A Song Review

     “Woman in Rust” is similar to someone walking down the center of a quiet road, gaining support and "muscle" as he moves forward. The song begins with lead vocals, drums and acoustic guitar. An electric guitar enters 0:43, but it’s not until ten seconds later that the instruments become unmuffled, as if they were on the opposite of a thin wall until the 0:53 mark. Hey Silver Torches, that was well done!
     The walk down the center of the road continues, a piano makes the move from being merely present to providing full support. That happens at 1:33. A short time later, a synth-generated string section joins the march.

     Silver Torches is the performance name of Eric J. Walters. He is based in Seattle, Washington. The data on the making of “Woman in Rust” includes:
Erik J Walters - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synth
Sean Lane - Drums, Percussion
Emily Westman - Piano
Steven Aguilar – BGVs (background vocals)
   Music and lyrics: Erik J Walters
   Production: Erik J Walters and Steven Aguilar
   Recording and Mixing: Steven Aguilar
   Additional engineering: Andy Park and Henri Bardot

     “Woman in Rust” by Silver Torches

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